Tuesday, May 30, 2006

long time didn't write in my blog...high time for me to write or else Steph will come belasah me

Nothing much happened last week. Pratical tests were quite easy except for bio *duh*. Of all things, we were needed to apply Chi Square Test for the investigation part in bio. I didn't know it was Chi Squared so I applied correlation test. No wonder I was feeling a bit weird when I used the correlation test.

Oh yea...I met Michael Ngu during one of the church meetings. He's studying in IMU now and he still remembers Stephanie. I didn't know it was him coz I can't remember how he look like. He said that Esther looks like Stephanie but I don't look like *grrr* Anyway, he isn't the first one who said that. He's quite a friendly guy. He said that he applied to UK universities before but didn't get any. Too bad. Funny when I come to think of it, last time when I was studying in Chung Hua, I never talked to Michael, only when I stay in Bukit Jalil, I talked to him.

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