Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just realised something

I’ve just realized something.

My brother has inherited my dad’s and Steph’s uncanny ability to ‘gek’ people!

So funny when chatting with him the other day.

Dad’s birthday is on 2nd June which falls on a Friday.

So I asked him last week through MSN what day is Friday. He didn’t know what day it was and gave me some weird answers like ‘it’s Steph go to UK 1st anniversary, mummy and daddy wedding anniversary…

So, in the end I said,

Janice: Go and ask daddy, daddy will tell you.

Ah John: ok. Wait

After a while,

Ah John: Back. I know what day is Friday already.

Janice: What?

Ah John: It’s ……….daddy’s payday!

Janice: -.-

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