Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My stay at Le Meridien Hotel

I wanted to post it long long time ago but never had the internet connection...finally can go online in Hotel Maya to post the photos I took in Le meridien.

My stay in le meridien was sadly a very short stay. We (my sis, my dad and I) only checked in at 10.30pm and checked out at 12pm the next day. The hotel was really oh gosh..posh..daddy was very fortunate to enjoy one of the executive rooms which costs RM400+ a day. Wow...even Maya cost only RM300 and Regent hotel only Rm260+.

Our hotel room was big. I think the bathroom itself is even bigger than my room in my condo. there are two toilets, two TVs (one in the living room and one in the bedroom) and one couch comfortable enough to sleep in. It was really nice...now, after staying in Le meridien and Maya, I don't feel like going back to stay in Regent anymore...

The bathroom:

The shower room:

The bath tub:

Really cool weighing machine:

even the toilet bowl is so special...see those little knobs beside it? don't play play...

SOme more pic...
the messy bedroom:

The living room:


Breakfast with Esther:

The swimming pool:

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