Friday, June 30, 2006

I wish I've a car...

It's damn frustrating and irritating travelling around KL by train especially when I live so far in Bukit Jalil.

From my condo to One Utama needs 1.5 hour including the bus ride. To my dentist, also 1.5 hour. To DUMC, also 1.5 hour. To college 1 hour (plus 15 min walking) and the nearest I can get to is sg Wang with at least 40 min travelling time (plus walking too coz dun want to use monorail...damn expensive). Sigh. How I wish to stay near Kl Sentral like my friends so that when I want to go anywhere, I just hop in any bus or train down to Subang or Sg Wang. But what to do, I've to make such a big sacrifice to live in Bukit Jalil with my sis where the rent is cheaper as we share a room. My sis lucky la...her uni is just less than 10 minutes' walk from the condo.

I thought I've got used to travelling to and fro from Bukit Jalil until after my exams, only then I realised how much I hate it. I'd to sell off all my A levels textbooks and past years my two sis and I have accumulate for the past 4 years. 3 boxes in all. Imagine me carrying one box of books walking from my condo to the star LRT station for 10 min, board the train to Masjid Jamek and then from there use PUTRA to KL Sentral. And from there, I've to walk 15 minutes only then I reach my college. One word: TIRING. My back was aching with pain and my shirt was drenched with sweat by the time I reached col. Altogether I'd to travel to col 3 times to finish 'transferring' my books and that's not all. I've to pass my physics, chem and maths notes + past years to my parents who came up to KL. This time it's even worse, it's like one big pile of book which mount up as high as 50cm (am I exaggerating?) and weigh 14 kg. I initially wanted to put in a box but changed my mind and decided to put them in a suitcase with wheels. Wise move. At least now I don't have to carry them. I only have to pull them. But, my gosh...I've still have to carry the damn heavy suitcase up and down staircases.

I can foresee me travelling up and down for the next few days. So much things to do. I haven't applied for my letter of conduct in Putrajaya and I haven't gone shopping to look for Steph's shoes. Some more I have to take frequent trips to Sg wang coz I haven't finished knitting my gloves and sweater to bring to UK. Sigh. How I wish I've a car... :(

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