Friday, June 30, 2006

I wish I've a car...

It's damn frustrating and irritating travelling around KL by train especially when I live so far in Bukit Jalil.

From my condo to One Utama needs 1.5 hour including the bus ride. To my dentist, also 1.5 hour. To DUMC, also 1.5 hour. To college 1 hour (plus 15 min walking) and the nearest I can get to is sg Wang with at least 40 min travelling time (plus walking too coz dun want to use monorail...damn expensive). Sigh. How I wish to stay near Kl Sentral like my friends so that when I want to go anywhere, I just hop in any bus or train down to Subang or Sg Wang. But what to do, I've to make such a big sacrifice to live in Bukit Jalil with my sis where the rent is cheaper as we share a room. My sis lucky la...her uni is just less than 10 minutes' walk from the condo.

I thought I've got used to travelling to and fro from Bukit Jalil until after my exams, only then I realised how much I hate it. I'd to sell off all my A levels textbooks and past years my two sis and I have accumulate for the past 4 years. 3 boxes in all. Imagine me carrying one box of books walking from my condo to the star LRT station for 10 min, board the train to Masjid Jamek and then from there use PUTRA to KL Sentral. And from there, I've to walk 15 minutes only then I reach my college. One word: TIRING. My back was aching with pain and my shirt was drenched with sweat by the time I reached col. Altogether I'd to travel to col 3 times to finish 'transferring' my books and that's not all. I've to pass my physics, chem and maths notes + past years to my parents who came up to KL. This time it's even worse, it's like one big pile of book which mount up as high as 50cm (am I exaggerating?) and weigh 14 kg. I initially wanted to put in a box but changed my mind and decided to put them in a suitcase with wheels. Wise move. At least now I don't have to carry them. I only have to pull them. But, my gosh...I've still have to carry the damn heavy suitcase up and down staircases.

I can foresee me travelling up and down for the next few days. So much things to do. I haven't applied for my letter of conduct in Putrajaya and I haven't gone shopping to look for Steph's shoes. Some more I have to take frequent trips to Sg wang coz I haven't finished knitting my gloves and sweater to bring to UK. Sigh. How I wish I've a car... :(

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Found out that my camera can take photos in 3 mode: natural(ie the normal ones we take), black and white, and sepia.

This is how I look when I'm BORED...gonna die of boredom..

Hi steph! *waves* (What do you think of my shirt?)

this one is sepia:

I'm feeling rather bored now. All alone in the hotel room nothing to do except online and study...sigh...I feel like going swimming but I don't dare to go alone *sob sob* wish I were daring a bit.

Here are a few photos which I 'modified' some time ago:

me, dad and my two sis!

Oh crap...

Just now Datin called. And you know what, she asked me whether I'm free on 27th June or not. She said that British council wants to interview those students who applied to UK. I didn't want to go but couldn't find excuse to reject that interview. So, I'm FORCED to go. Cham. Interviews...I hate them, esp impromtu one like this. Have to think on the spot and give the cleverest answer...sigh...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Now currently staying in Hotel Maya with my dad. do I describe Hotel Maya...Modern?Cool? Seems like the main colour for Hotel Maya is black. The bed, the TV cabinet, the window, the computer table...The bathroom is the coolest one of all...daddy said that it's like an aquarium...haha...we can see what's a person is doing in the bathroom because the wall is made of glass! lucky there's a curtain to pull across..if not, cannot take shower lo. Here are some pictures which I took...

The bedroom

The computer table + TV

now you see it...

now you don't...

The bath tub

the shower room

and finally...the coolest hotel slippers I've ever seen!

My stay at Le Meridien Hotel

I wanted to post it long long time ago but never had the internet connection...finally can go online in Hotel Maya to post the photos I took in Le meridien.

My stay in le meridien was sadly a very short stay. We (my sis, my dad and I) only checked in at 10.30pm and checked out at 12pm the next day. The hotel was really oh gosh..posh..daddy was very fortunate to enjoy one of the executive rooms which costs RM400+ a day. Wow...even Maya cost only RM300 and Regent hotel only Rm260+.

Our hotel room was big. I think the bathroom itself is even bigger than my room in my condo. there are two toilets, two TVs (one in the living room and one in the bedroom) and one couch comfortable enough to sleep in. It was really, after staying in Le meridien and Maya, I don't feel like going back to stay in Regent anymore...

The bathroom:

The shower room:

The bath tub:

Really cool weighing machine:

even the toilet bowl is so special...see those little knobs beside it? don't play play...

SOme more pic...
the messy bedroom:

The living room:


Breakfast with Esther:

The swimming pool:

Monday, June 12, 2006

I can't imagine how relax I'm for the A2 revision has been going like snail pace and exams is only 48 hours away! Yikes! I haven't started maths revision yet. Chemistry and bio are even worse...I studied the first 3 units 2 weeks ago and I think I've forgotten some of the stuff...need to go back revise. Die lo...I'm really worried that I won't be able to get 4A's. I seem to have slacked off even more than Stephanie. Everyday, I study less than 4 hours a day...oh gosh...that's very bad...I seriously can't think where I spend my time. Wake up, brush teeth, laze around, read newspaper...before I know it, it's noon. Then in the afternoon, I study but the stuff can't get into my head. watch 3pm S'pore drama. After that, dunno what I do then at 6pm, go swim for one hour. After that, cook and the time i finish everything, its 9pm! Oh no...this is soooo me somebody...I just can't simply find any motivation to study anymore... Last time I studied for AS because Steph and Esther told me that it was very hard and the universities depend on the AS results to offer you a place. So I study like s*** and night...non-stop...I did every pass year paper I could get hold of...basically life before AS exams to now, life before A2 is RELAX!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

I received this sms from one of my friends today and I find it quite interesting. It’s so far the most interesting sms I’ve ever received.

A 992 i
N0279q biquT2
2m2 pni992
.2iHT 9>lil

(Use Da Vince Style to read)

Know how to break the ‘code’? It’s very easy. But I won’t tell you here. You’ve to figure it out yourself…hehe…just use a simple ‘device’ to ‘decode’ it…haha…

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just realised something

I’ve just realized something.

My brother has inherited my dad’s and Steph’s uncanny ability to ‘gek’ people!

So funny when chatting with him the other day.

Dad’s birthday is on 2nd June which falls on a Friday.

So I asked him last week through MSN what day is Friday. He didn’t know what day it was and gave me some weird answers like ‘it’s Steph go to UK 1st anniversary, mummy and daddy wedding anniversary…

So, in the end I said,

Janice: Go and ask daddy, daddy will tell you.

Ah John: ok. Wait

After a while,

Ah John: Back. I know what day is Friday already.

Janice: What?

Ah John: It’s ……….daddy’s payday!

Janice: -.-