Friday, February 29, 2008

bon voyage Tze Way!

28th Feb 2008.

As I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth today, I realised that the sill where all the toothbrushes were was a little bit bare.

Only then it dawned on me that Tze Way - my housemate - has left UK for good finally today. I won't be seeing him that soon anymore.

Suddenly I miss his lame jokes.

Suddenly I miss his cooking.

Suddenly I miss listening to him talking the same story over and over again.

Suddenly I miss the time when he used to stop by my room before going to the shower.

Suddenly I miss hearing him strumming the guitar.

Suddenly I miss listening to him singing in church.

I miss him making some childish acts too.

The house seems quieter now without him. I was struggling to fight back tears when I wished him goodbye that day. But I managed to choke out "一路顺风" to him and he chuckled, 'yeah, 最好一路顺风因为飞机要顺着风飞..."



lame lame. Typical Tze Way.

Anyway, before I end this post, I wish you all the best in M'sia Tze Way, and continue to bring laughter to people with your occasional crazy acts. God Bless. See you sometime soon!

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