Friday, February 08, 2008

peanut cookies!

Happy CNY everyone!

I wanted to try something new this year by trying to make kuih mo mo which I've been craving for ages.

But the cookies turned out hard and it didn't melt in my mouth!

So, I'm back to what I made last yr...peanut cookies

the pic doesn't look nice coz i was taking it in a rush but it tasted good!

I realised that I've forgotten the recipe until Melvin told me about it just for remembrance purposes...

recipe for peanut cookies:
250g peanut (deskinned)
250g castor sugar
250g flour

Egg wash:
1 egg yolk lightly beaten with 1 tsp water

1. fry the peanuts in a pan until brown in colour. Dun need to add oil to fry. Just remember to keep stirring the pan or else it will get burnt.

2. Crush the peanuts until tiny bits using a miller and mix in the flour and sugar. Mix well.

3. lastly, the peanut cookie success-determining point --> add in oil, bit by bit until u produce a dough which is jz enough to make round balls. Do not add in too much oil or else it will become too soft. Neither do not add in too little or else it will produce little cracks when u take it out from the oven.

4. Brush the peanut balls with egg wash.

5. put in preheated oven, 175 degree celcius for 10-15 min.

the recipe is simple! but it takes quite a lot of hard work esp when rolling the balls. But the hard work paid off when u taste the cookies!

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William said...

Nice cookie. Looks professionally done! I am sure they taste good.