Saturday, April 12, 2008

weather a cyclist hate

5 times a week, every weekday evening, I have been cycling to and fro Royal Mail faithfully except for certain reasons like when I have the monthly know la..haha:p

I have been through the breezing autumn, the freezing winter and the unpredictable spring.

There are 4 kinds of weather which I hate most:

weather number 1: fog

so far I've only met this kind of weather once when I was cycling to work early in the morning. Visibility was definitely only within 50m. Lights must be switched on in order for road users to see me.

weather number 2: rain

I always moaned when it rains. It somehow dampens my spirit as I was cycling back. Sometimes I wonder why do I have to struggle so much to go back when I could just hop on the bus back.

i'm lucky sometimes when it rains when I go back coz I can change my clothes. But if it rains when I go to work, I have to wear my wet jeans until it get dry.

weather number 3: hail

The hails can be painful and annoying when it hit my face and blur my vision.

weather number 4: strong winds!

This tops my most-hate list of weather. Try imagining cycling up a slope and the wind blowing against you. or try imagining forcing you poor legs to cycle against the wind when you have been standing almost 10 hours. Many times strong winds have slowed my time back home.

sorry ah. no pic of strong winds.

I was nearly like the stick-man in this pic. Instead of clinging on to a tree, I was actually grabbing a traffic light, hanging for my dear life (a bit exaggerated..haha)

The weather which I dun cycle in is snow:

This is the only exception for me to use bus to work as the road will be too slippery for me to cycle. But one of my RM friends actually cycles to work. I find it amusing that he actually chuckled at the times he fell down from his bike due to the slippery road.


Lesson of the day: Be grateful when the weather is nice and warm! Dun take it for granted!

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