Thursday, April 10, 2008

postage hike!

Everything is getting more and more expensive in UK. Petrol price is it's the stamps price.

Although the price may increase for letters/packets weighing less than 500gm, the good news is, the price for anything weighing more than that will be lesser for first class mail.

new postage price on right, old postage price on left

of coz postage price increase, people ask, 'ur pay got increase or not?'

nahhh..instead RM reduced our break time from 30 min to 20 min. Such 'great' slash in our break time will definitely make the lazy RM employees protest. However, RM came out with a plan for a win-win situation...hehe...

that is...they gave us a lump sum of bonus!!! wahahahaha...but still I kena taxed kau kau

with money, (almost) anything is possible =)

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