Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hey hey hey...finally I'm back after so long of MIA (coz everybody's been bugging me to update)

Just a lil' updates from me:

1. I've already started work as a cleaner. Found the work deadly mundane and monotonous. Everyday I've to wake up at 5.30 and walk 5-8 minutes in the cold to work. Now I understand why Steph dreads going to work everyday. It's not because it's tiring, but because we have to wake up early. Stupid work stole our precious sleep.

2. Today was the first day of my 1.5-week-long introductory programme. I nearly slept off halfway coz it was tooooo boring. One of the lecturer told us that once we study medicine, 'our lives will never be the same again'. She went on to say that if one day we see a guy limping in town, we will begin to wonder what causes him to limp. And that's what make doctors different. Made friends with a few M'sians. During the second-half of the lecture I sat near the Malay girl and she introduced me to all her M'sia friends.But during the light buffet, I didn't see them. Dunno where they went to.

3. Weather is getting cold here, especially when the wind blows at me. Tried jogging yesterday morning. Was ok. But I feel kinda weird jogging when everyone else is going to uni.

4. I'm starting to get used to the life here. Still haven't got used to the weather and the pound though. I still have to scutinize the English coins before I pay anything.

5. Met almost all of the housemates already - Melvin, Mei Shun, Tze Way and Yung Kit (just came back a few days ago). Serene is not back yet. Stephanie still hasn't changed much (character-wise), still likes to bully Janice and now stephanie has joined force with Lynda to bully me too :P, but I think she's more generous now (she let me eat her Ben & Jerry's ice-cream!Yummy!)

hmmm...I don't think there's anymore thing to add. Phew... *wipes off sweat*now I can go MIA for another week..hehe.

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