Sunday, September 03, 2006

Last Thursday I was in KL.

I couldn't believe that I was in KL. I couldn't imagine myself having to depend on my legs to walk and trains to travel around. No more Honda where I can drive right to the door-step.

I went to college first to get my results. Then I decided to use PUTRA LRT to Dang Wangi to Leeds Regional office to get my offer letter. Wrong move man ( I wonder how Lynda managed to walk that loooong journey to Leeds Office). Especially with me lugging my luggage along.

I remembered wrongly that the last time my sis and I went to Leeds office, we actually used the monorail and not PUTRA to Raja Chulan. I only remember walking through some old buildings then finally to Menara Weld ( I guess we walked wrongly last time).

So at Dang Wangi, I walked to Bukit Nanas train station. Then I asked a passer-by how to get to Raja Chulan and she said use the monorail there. 'Hah...' I thought, so I asked whether can walk or not, she looked at me with bewilderment (emphasis on that word), then she looked at my luggage and then at me, 'You want to walk there ah?' Just looking at her expression and I know that it's quite impossible to walk to Raja Chulan. Anyways, I still decided to walk there.

I walked for what seemed like eternity and I finally reached Raja Chulan station! Lucky there was a city map on the way to Raja Chulan so I agak-agak know where Menara Weld (leeds office) is. But as I walked down the whole stretch of Raja Chulan, I was getting worried. I was afraid that I might be at the wrong end of the road and Menara Weld is situated at the end of the road. If I 'gosang balik' surely will eat off lots of time and I might not make it to the office in time. SOme more, I asked an Indian lady there where Menara Weld is and she said dunno. Wah...scare me half dead.

But luckily I asked a security guard there and he told me that I just have to walk straight down the road some more and will see Menara Weld. Thank God! Can't imagine how relieved I was when I'd finally made it to Menara Weld! BTW, I din know Menara weld is just opposite Menara MPL, the place where I had my Aberdeen interview. No wonder Menara Weld name sounds so familiar.

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