Friday, September 29, 2006

Lecture starting next week!

Lecture's gonna start next week!


It's finally the end of my 3 month holiday...

Now have to study hard and sleep early. The grading for UK is different from M'sia. The lecturer said that if you were an all-time A student, don't expect yourself to be an all-time A student in medical school because only an exceptionally intelligent student will get an A. 'Expect to get all C's' he said, 'but not to worry, as Cs means you are an average student.'

We always think that getting A's is the best. But then again, if it's not in our ability to get A's no matter how hard we try, why force ourselves to do something that we cannot?

sigh...(to someone)I know honours is important to get. I promise to try my best to get into the honours' list. But if I can't get in...don't get disappointed, ok? Hope you can trust me in that.(Look, have I ever failed you in getting good grades?) I've to juggle between my part-time work and lectures plus assessment and assignment and God...and it's not easy.

Oh...I've made hmm...8 friends so far. 7 M'sians ( Norain, Hidayu, Faizal, Sing Yee, Jasmin, Kaajal and Nara(?))and one S'porean (Man Hon). I think that's all of my Asians friends. Don't think there are anyone from SEA.

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