Thursday, September 14, 2006

road to UK

14.5 hours of flying....

That's what I've to endure to fly to UK.

But I've finally made it!

I've arrived UK! *cheers*

There was some complications when I checked-in. My bag was overweight by 6kg! The woman so 'ngiao ji' one...din want to let us through. She šíČšíČinsisted on us repacking our bag. So I'd to 'throw' away some stuff in my bag. I remembering throwing aways my two jeans, my stethoscope, some medicine, the Praise and Worship book...other than that, can't remember already. In the end, my bag weighed 31.1 kg and somehow the woman let us through. THAT was only the check-in bag. I also encountered some problems in my hand-luggage.

My hand luggage was really overweight. Altogether my hand luggage (backpack containing laptop and suitcase)weighed 20+kg and the weight allowed was only 7kg. The woman was like, 'no, no, can't bring all these in.' Sigh...have to repack my hand luggage also. So we took out some things in the suitcase and managed to stuff my backpack into it.

That woman was 'clever' enough to make sure that we didn't play cheat with the hand luggage. She wrote on my air ticket, 'please check hand carry' which scared me half dead.

The boarding gate opened quite early, and as I showed them my ticket, the guy saw the ps on it. He told a lady and the lady looked at me, saw that I'm carrying a handbag and pulling a suitcase, she said, 'should be ok,' and let me through. Phew...there wasn't any weighing machine there to weigh my bag.

The plane took off to Dubai and arrived there at 3.50am (local time, they are 4 hours behind M'sia). The next plane to Manchester was at 7.50am so Lynda and I jsut walked around the building. We didn't manage to walk out the building coz we couldn't find the way out. Lols.
Plane to Manchester was at 7.50am but the plane only took off at 8.30am.

Some pic I took in Dubai:

The entertainment in Emirates was quite good, lots of movies to watch. Food still ok. The plane not as crampy as Brunei Airlines and doesn't vibrate as much as BA. But I hate sleeping in plane. So uncomfortable. I only slept 4 hours altogether throughout the journey from KL to Manchester.

when we finally arrived at Manchester airport, it was 12.25pm (local time), exactly the time stated in my plane ticket. Messaged my dad to tell them that I arrived. Then Lynda and I went to find the train station. Quite easy to find, just follow the signs. We saw a family, who I believe from M'sia also going to the train. We bought the ticket and off we Leeds.

The train is pretty nice. There's even a socket for you to charge your handphone. no wonder the train ticket so expensive la. 16 pounds just for one trip to Leeds. The train left at 2.24pm and arrived Leeds at 3.50pm, 1 hour 15 min altogether. Almost exactly the time the ticketman said when I asked him how long the train took to Leeds.

Oh..nearly forgot to blog about my luggage. It's sooo heavy. Fortunately Manchester train station allow us to bring our trolleys to the train but pity it's not inside the train. Just carrying the luggage into the train is enough to break my back. When we got off at Leeds station, we have to pulled the luggage tired man.

Stephanie was already waiting at Leeds station when we were there. Could see the happy and excited expression on her face. Janice coming to join her what...of course she excited la. Fortunately we used the taxi but we stopped halfway coz there was a traffic jam there and I think steph purposely wanted to torture us so that we carry until our hand break..if not ar...the skin on my palm surely peel off.

Wanted to type last night but I was utterly exhausted. Oh...Steph's cooking is fantastic! She can really cook man...just one year of staying alone and her chicken porridge is yummy! Better learn some cooking skills from her! So here I am now..typing this message.I still can't swallow the fact that I will be staying here for the next 5 years. Blandford Grove will be my home for 5 years. I guess it takes time for me to adapt.

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