Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PS: Updated. I jz realised that I was really in a rush to update my blog that i forgot to blog upload some photos and blog about my trip to Edinburgh.

it's really weird that the only time I update my blog is in the early hours of the morning.

Anyway, updates, updates, updates!! haha

I went to Alton Tower last week:

and guess what? We brought back a friend!

introducing u my friend.... *drum roll*

SHARKIE!!! was difficult carrying sharkie back home on the bus then train then bicycle. But thank God sharkie arrived home safe and sound

just in case you still don't have a clear picture of how big sharkie is, hopefully this pic would be suffice to clear your doubts.

it's even taller and fatter than me!

2nd update:

I went to Edinburgh with WeeLeon, Yee and my sisters. This trip back to Edinburgh is different from the one before. We went to different places. Saw different things.

pic credits to Steph. She can take good photos too.

the hotel we stayed in is the one in white on the right. 65pounds for a room. Reasonably priced. Background is Arthur Seat. We didn't manage to climb it during the trip this time.

Did u notice anything wrong with this pic? The statue head is covered with bird's poo. Poor guy :p.

Compare it to this statue here:
lucky statue

3rd update:

We celebrated Esther's birthday! It was nice to have people coming and having fellowship together.
the people who came

and the 3 sisters with Steph's homemade cake:

this is the happy mouse with her presents

Kyle took a video of us without us noticing and it was very funny coz it was badly dubbed! hahahaha. So this is how we look like in the eyes of a ang moh.

Scene: my house

part 1:

part 2:

PS: just in case you don't know, the later song is a birthday song sung in cantones :P

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