Friday, July 11, 2008

strawberry picking + harrogate

Last week Thursday we went strawberry picking.

I didn't know strawberries don't grow on trees.

Let me introduce my strawberry picking kaki:

the blur blur Esther

he-who-shall-not-be-named-nor-seen, right Yee? :p

future lawyer Daniel, taking calls from future client

Only a few of us went as not many people were interested in strawberry picking and a cell group went there before us.

The weather was very good. Bright and sunny. Perfect for strawberry picking.

just like M'sia weather except that it's cooler here.

'no one can come near me! this whole basket of strawberries is mine!'

I was trying out the camera as well and I was stupidly adjusting the shutter speed to make the exposure correct (sweat sweat). Esther was right about adjusting the exposure compensation.

As strawberry picking only lasted for 1.5 hours and we bought a day rider to Harrogate, we decided to visit to the wealthy little spa town.

It's so posh that even people are queuing up to have their tea at the famous (but expensive) Betty's.

Since we were there, we had our tea at Betty's tearoom to check out their famous tea.

I made a very bad choice by choosing to drink mocha in a tearoom!!!!

not too sweet torte with loads of tasteless cream. mocha behind

But the tea Betty's serve is superb! Thumbs up for their tea! I would like to have tea there next time!


Gabriel said...

wah...the pics your took very nice! got the professional

janice said...

haha. no la...i still hv lots to learn