Tuesday, December 02, 2008

finally done!

I have completed my lifecycle portfolio!!!!! I felt a great sense of relief after I did the final editing to it. I have finally made it through the end after 8 weeks of stress, tears, sweat and blood shedded to complete the 8 weekly presentations, 8 weekly precis, 4 critical evaluations and one reflective commentary to form one portfolio which I will be handing it in by 4pm today!



PS: holidays are only 2.5 weeks away! can't wait!


William said...

wah.... very good. Well done! I am wondering why your cheek is extra red? Is it the camera?

Janice said...

actually I also dunno why my cheeks are always red. It's quite a concern really but i guess i'm over-worrying

William said...

As long as it is not allergy reaction, then it is ok. You can go and ask your doctor if you wanted. Actually, there are people with extra sensitive skin which react badly to cold/warm air.

Phil said...

Congratulations! I guess the red cheeks have nothing to with working hard. I think the weatherman will have the answer =)