Friday, December 19, 2008

Third year term 1 is finally over.

*heave a sigh of relief*

Thank God that I managed to survive term 1 even though I was working every weekday evening (except Monday). the result for spot test + portfolio was out today and I passed! Pass is all I need for this module but I expect higher results for both of my SSC coz I spent super duper lot of time in it. I didn't realised that it's gonna be Christmas next week. Everything seemed to pass so fast when I was busy. sigh. 3 months just passed like that. Somehow I have gotten used to the heavy workload involved in term 1 that when I did the Spanish SSC, I thought the workload was alright even though the 2nd years were complaining that it was heavy!

ok. gotta sleep now coz my eyes are super tired as I stayed up late to finish my assignment. adíos!

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