Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy birthday Jon!

hello jon.

Happy birthday! This is a very belated post and my poor jon's hair must have grown a few white hairs as this post has been delayed for such a long time.

I remember when we were young, we sisters used to call jon Mr Horsie.

no, not because he looked like a horse, but because he was born in the year of horse.

anyway, this Mr Horse has grown from a small boy colt to a full-grown adult horse. I remember him when he first entered primary school and I used to look down at his class to see him in class (my class is opposite and is one floor higher than his). Sometimes if I did not have any afternoon class, we would wait under that leafless tree (under the scorching sun) for our parents to pick us up. How I miss those primary school days!

Now jon jon has just finished his high school and entering tertiary education. He will not be studying medicine to save lives like us sis but he will be saving computers instead. He is a computer expert and he knows everything about computer, inside and out. Throw him a computer problem and he will diagnose the problem for you.

My brother is not good at studies unlike us sis and he has suffer much as we sis had set a standard in the house for everyone to achieve. Education is not a yardstick to measure success in future although it gives one the upper end in finding jobs. I believe my dear jon will excel and maybe will be better than us in the future.

Happy 18th birthday jon! May God bless you and keep you. Don't play too much and study hard in pre-uni! If not how to see u in UK next time?

ps: btw, to anyone who knows jon and is reading this, please dun call him Mr Horse or else I cannot step into the house when I go back to Miri.

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Kong said...

There are at least 9 different type of intelligent. Which one do you reckon Jon fits in?

Logical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smarts)

Environmental Intelligence (Nature Smarts)

Musical Intelligence (Musical Smarts)

Spiritual Intelligence (Spiritual Smarts)

Interpersonal Intelligence (Street

Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smarts)

Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smarts)

Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smarts)

Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smarts)