Thursday, December 01, 2005

back at last, but...

At last, after being away from home for 3 months, i'm finally back! But..sigh...the house is so dirty. My brother didn't bother to clean the house in spite of how messy it is. my other little two brothers had been anticipating my homecoming and they were a lil' bit enthusiastic about it. they told me a lot of things happening at home during the months of my absence. I guess they just miss their sister. when i showed them the cream cheese that i bought in Kl to make cheese cake, my brothers were even more excited than me. immediately they began flipping through pages of recipe books and showed me many pictures of the cheese cakes which they asked whether i will making one of them or not. hmmm...i guess i'd better make one so that i won't disappoint them. hope it taste delicious...Esther will be jealous like mad in KL...haha...(to esther) you can't taste my cheese cake esther!

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