Friday, December 09, 2005


The second day after i returned from Miri had been a busy day for me. After a few months staying in KL, I've got used to the clean house which i've been staying. When i got back, my goodness, just couldn't believe my eyes...the house was so, me, Janice Ting, have to bear the responsibility to clean the house...sigh...and I'm proud to say that I *drum rolls* , Janice Ting, no one else but I SINGLE-HANDEDLY clean the house and toilet for the whole day... I even baked a cheese cake to reward myself...*grinning*

Here are some pics which my bro took while i was cleaning:

cleaning the sitting room:

now, the sitting room looks cleaner...

cleaning the toilet in my room:

my baked cheese cake and my little brothers!

my cheese cake...though it's not as good as Secret Recipe's cheese cake...

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