Friday, December 30, 2005

This shall be the last post before i leave for the airport 3 hours holidays have finally come to an end. Exams drawing nearer, interview coming...all in the year ahead. I'm just simply amazed at how fast time passes. Steph, still remember one year ago on the 1st of Jan 2005 you and I went to KL together? I remember the time the aeroplane landed in heart was saying, 'hello KL, here I come!' Excited was I that time. Glad and enthuasiastic to embrace the whole new world and new life out there. Exactly one year later, now, i dread the time of going back to KL. Completely opposite of what i feel last time. Sigh..why do time have to cross so fast? I wish time can just rewind back to the time I've just finished my SPM and getting ready to go to KL. Another 7 months later, i will be back. That time, I will be getting ready for a whole new life at another place - UK ...if i get a place in a uni

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