Saturday, December 17, 2005

today i spent almost the whole day watching the dramas i downloaded. I think i watched 9 episodes today...45 minutes long each. i managed to finish watching the Sekai chuunin drama which some people said was touching...hmmm..i think it's ok ler...not really that touching. but the boy very kelian...still unable to forget his girlfriend who passed away 17 years ago. the other drama i watched was Hana Yori dango...the last episode was aired last night in japan, i haven't watched the last episode though..need to wait for subbing. whoa...i feel that even watching tv is also very tired...don't know how can mummy stand with her eyes glued on tv the whole day...very tiring one...

Oh yea..i want to rebuke what steph said...she said it's not fair that daddy's friend is always bringing us out to eat. For ur infomation steph, this year, i only eat once eat planet hollywood and once in some restaurant in PJ. The other times, you and esther were with me eating...sigh....i always very soi one..cannot get to eat at some posh dim sum restaurants, no Little Ribs, no Little Paris. All the vendors now go to miri and visit daddy lo. So, me and esther in Kl cannot get to eat outside anymore. Ah john they all sooo lucky...the eat two times in the western restaurant in Grand Palace, and two times also in some Japanese restaurant. So shuang...everytime i no chance ask me to eat more kangkung...i also want...but Miri is raining cabbage sien

Just for the convenience for future reference, i'm putting the list of things steph asked me to bring to UK: (copied directly from Steph's blog)
1) ginseng - my mum said she bought ginseng which costed almost RM100! LOL...what for I need so if i am eating ginseng instead of mum's explanation was in Miri, it cost RM45 per kilo. RM65 per kilo in Singapore and RM70 in KL(?)...Which means my mum bought almost 2kgs??? LOL

2) Milo

3) kikkoman teriyaki - i asked mummy to buy some for me but I also told janice to get some which cannot be get in Miri...hehe..remember to get them for in KL arrr...

4) popiah skins - I asked for wan tan skin but my mum said it is perishable...sigh

5) T-shirts?

Janice's list of things to bring(hehhehe):

1) remember the key chains...3 of them pasar malam

2)a pencil box - no giraffe anymore please..other kind of animals which you think is cute and fluffy

3) the mp3s - the list I gave you and also burn one of the cd sung by someone whose name begin with S..I cannot remember the name. LOL...I think the cd is kept together with the Hillsong By Your Side cd gua...go and check..hehehe

4) the scarf u made for me..heheheh

5) I am thinking of learning to it possible to get the knitting needles and strings for me? heheheheh....

6) Can bring the purpose driven life book to uk or not...hehehehe..soli arrr...Has daddy got The Heavenly Man yet?

7)kikkoman sauce - roasted garlic one bottle, kikkoman teriyaki sticky one get 2 bottles..tq

8) Bring thermometer..haha..and also bring soap and shampoo..I told u liao right...

9) Bring my photo album. I think there is the OB nite photos which is in your album in KL...bring those also..haiya..just bring all my photos la...hahha

10)oh ya...get colour paper at Jusco...get 4 piece of paper of different kinds of colour each...but for black help me to get 8 pieces k? Half A4 size colour paper. Tiara pens' ink almost finish liao...dun know whether I should tell u to go to Popular and get them or not...quite expensive. Should I get G-tech C4 ink or not ler...I think you get one C4 G-tech ink for me k...heheheh...

oh yea...steph...forgot to tell you something, i heard from Sin Yueh ( aka mary duck...dunno whether you still remember her or not) that Ms Chong, our Kimia tuition teacher is pregnant with her first baby. Don't know about the gender about the baby yet.

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