Thursday, December 15, 2005

today, we didn't eat at home for the whole day.

daddy's friends treated us out to eat.

One of them is Eric, who treated us with a rather scrumptious meal at Pujut 7. got fish, chicken, bitter gourd fried with egg, egg tofu...i'm quite lazy to describe the way the food was cooked.

After that, we followed daddy to pay his bills. daddy said that he wanted to meet some vendors from KL at Park-Everly Hotel. So we went with him and we were again treated an early dinner there. we had our 'dinner' at 4pm. i ate a single scoop ice cream which costs RM3.50 ( don't think it's haagen Daaz ice cream) and one plate of chicken chop with fries. Not that nice though. cost Rm 18.90 and it's not as good as daddy's cooking. the chicken and fries are too salty. and there's too much rosemary.

we then went to the water park on our way to uncle su's house. whoa...the park has changed so much. there is a water playground for kids to shuang...pity i'm not a kid anymore...looks so fun man...

at Uncle su's house, we just helped him with the modem and ah john taught Uncle su to use the computer. we wanted to just sit down but uncle and aunty su kinda persuaded us to hv dinner with well...we had to eat another dinner though our stomachs were full.

so, i guess, the whole day, my dad was really lucky that he didn't hv to cook at all. oh yea...for esther and stephanie, daddy is on leave from 14th Dec to 3rd Jan next year...

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