Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PS: Updated. I jz realised that I was really in a rush to update my blog that i forgot to blog upload some photos and blog about my trip to Edinburgh.

it's really weird that the only time I update my blog is in the early hours of the morning.

Anyway, updates, updates, updates!! haha

I went to Alton Tower last week:

and guess what? We brought back a friend!

introducing u my friend.... *drum roll*

SHARKIE!!! was difficult carrying sharkie back home on the bus then train then bicycle. But thank God sharkie arrived home safe and sound

just in case you still don't have a clear picture of how big sharkie is, hopefully this pic would be suffice to clear your doubts.

it's even taller and fatter than me!

2nd update:

I went to Edinburgh with WeeLeon, Yee and my sisters. This trip back to Edinburgh is different from the one before. We went to different places. Saw different things.

pic credits to Steph. She can take good photos too.

the hotel we stayed in is the one in white on the right. 65pounds for a room. Reasonably priced. Background is Arthur Seat. We didn't manage to climb it during the trip this time.

Did u notice anything wrong with this pic? The statue head is covered with bird's poo. Poor guy :p.

Compare it to this statue here:
lucky statue

3rd update:

We celebrated Esther's birthday! It was nice to have people coming and having fellowship together.
the people who came

and the 3 sisters with Steph's homemade cake:

this is the happy mouse with her presents

Kyle took a video of us without us noticing and it was very funny coz it was badly dubbed! hahahaha. So this is how we look like in the eyes of a ang moh.

Scene: my house

part 1:

part 2:

PS: just in case you don't know, the later song is a birthday song sung in cantones :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have once again fall into the abyss of depression and self-pity.

come this time of the month when I start to wallow in self-pity and succumb into low self-esteem.

I'm tired. Easily irritated. Annoyed at small petty things and stressed up.

It's weird that I feel more stressed up in the holidays than I was doing term time when I have to juggle my time between work and studies and assignment.

Blame it on the PMS. I really hate it. Brings my mood up and down.

I have a list of to-dos which I have to accomplish tomorrow. And just thinking of it will drive me up the wall as I basically have to run to the north-south-east-west of Leeds (a bit exaggerated).

Right now all I need is just one full day for myself. To be alone and do something I like (reading photography magazine or swimming or sleeping), not needing to think of work or house or people. But just to pamper myself doing the things I like. Am I asking for too much?

Friday, July 11, 2008

strawberry picking + harrogate

Last week Thursday we went strawberry picking.

I didn't know strawberries don't grow on trees.

Let me introduce my strawberry picking kaki:

the blur blur Esther

he-who-shall-not-be-named-nor-seen, right Yee? :p

future lawyer Daniel, taking calls from future client

Only a few of us went as not many people were interested in strawberry picking and a cell group went there before us.

The weather was very good. Bright and sunny. Perfect for strawberry picking.

just like M'sia weather except that it's cooler here.

'no one can come near me! this whole basket of strawberries is mine!'

I was trying out the camera as well and I was stupidly adjusting the shutter speed to make the exposure correct (sweat sweat). Esther was right about adjusting the exposure compensation.

As strawberry picking only lasted for 1.5 hours and we bought a day rider to Harrogate, we decided to visit to the wealthy little spa town.

It's so posh that even people are queuing up to have their tea at the famous (but expensive) Betty's.

Since we were there, we had our tea at Betty's tearoom to check out their famous tea.

I made a very bad choice by choosing to drink mocha in a tearoom!!!!

not too sweet torte with loads of tasteless cream. mocha behind

But the tea Betty's serve is superb! Thumbs up for their tea! I would like to have tea there next time!


sorry for the absence but I was pretty busy working OT. Thanks to work, I have become socially inept from my friends. But then again, I learned new things and made new friends from people in my workplace which I'm very thankful of.

Cycling on the way back home in the early mornings is not only refreshing but allowed my mind to wander and think of matters which have happened lately in my workplace. I realised that most people think highly of medical students. Whenever I told them that I study medicine, I would watch their expression. There are many ways to say 'wow' to that.

Some are just expressionless with the 'wow'.

For some, their eyes widen a little and then 'wow'.

Some take a step back, scrutinize me from head to toe and exclaimed 'wow'.

Some have their eyes widen + take a step back + a wow +silence for a few seconds, and then they would say, 'you must be very smart then!'

I wonder why do people always think that studying medicine = very smart. Anyway, because of what I'm studying, I've met many people who befriended me thinking that they could squeeze some knowledge out of me. But sometimes I have to disappoint them by telling them frankly that I'm only a 2nd yr medic and I do not know much, or I may come out with some vaguely remembered causes of a particular disease or I may refer them to ask another source, who is none other than God himself ;P.

I realised that people care about petty things. There was this guy who asked me about bad breath who consulted a doc before and asked the same question thinking that I (who only have 2 years of basic medical knowledge) might have some divine knowledge which the doc (who has a few years of experience) might not have. Another one asked me about his backpain which I told him that 'doctors now advise you to do work instead of be absent from work' when having backpain. Another guy asked me what to do with his balding hair in which I did not know the answer. Sometimes I feel that people expect too much from doctors. THey expect them to have the instant answer and cure to all their misery and pain. But pity doctors are not God. They do not know the answers to everything.

OT this week has been pretty good. I do not dread it as last time. Mainly due to the pleasant working environment and the small group which I was placed in. I get to sit and walk around and have a total of 1.5 hour break (as opposed to the 1 hr break I usually have). I managed to talk to a Chinese guy who I've seen in RM for quite some time but hvnt got to talk to. Most importantly, I didn't feel sleepy during my work.

My heels are starting to feel sore from standing 7.5 hours for 3 consecutive nights. I guess it's a sign for me to change me shoes.

I'm just plain lazy to upload photos in this entry. SOmehow I'm getting very fussy in using a proper camera to take photos instead of the camera phone.

hope I've bore you enough with this entry! heheh :p

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What I've been up to so far

1. uni open day work. I brought back balloons! heheh

2. made a cake (at the same time tried to decorate it). recipe can be found here.

want a slice? Note: Steph's white choc gateau behind

3. sleep sleep sleep as much as I can
I wouldn't want to scare you with my looks when I'm asleep ;p

4. helped friend move house and I got back a cabinet!
put in the living room in the meantime as I don't have any space in my room

5. setting up direct debits for water and internet bills. The internet is a pain in a neck as I'm still waiting for a letter from Virgin Media (they said it will take 3 working days but it's more than 5 now) so that I could change my friend's contract to mine. So the house has to rely on the unstable university wireless now at the moment.

6. I did a bit of photoshopping and photography here and there. I managed to make someone's head in the photo vanished! haha.

not that fantastic but still I managed to achieve something

Esther the mousie is back

Esther is back from Sweden!

with a nicely tanned skin!