Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Finally leaving KL


I'm finally leaving KL after staying for 1.5 years there.

It's like another home in KL.

I like KL because:
1. freedom to move around
2. freedom to do anything I like
3. freedom to cook anytime I want
4. freedom to manage my budget
5. freedom to watch tv anytime I want

Seems like it all boils down to freedom. sigh. I enjoy traveling around KL, going to places I've been before. Unlike Miri, I'm confined to my home. I can't go out often and have to return home early. If you were to ask me which place I'm more familiar with, I would say KL! Haha. In KL, I know the General Hospital is on Jalan Pahang. But in Miri, I don't know. And some more, I don't even know what's nice in Miri, where to see nice beach, eat nice food...but I only where to buy cheap things la...Boulevard and Servay! Haha.

I actually sort of miss KL already. Yesterday ice-skating was really fun tho I'd to suffer the after-effect of ice-skating (bruises). But thinking it's the last time I get to see them makes me feel sad. I might meet Yen Bee again. But Anu, I don't know. Lawrence too. I was really forgetful for not bringing my camera. Sigh. Now have to rely on my friends to send me the photos. Hope they send me *crossing fingers*

so far I can only think 1 thing that makes me feel good about leaving KL. It's is that I don't have to become Esther's slave anymore! *dodging the pillow thrown by Esther* For the past one week, Esther has been made Queen Esther because she didn't have to do any house chores coz her exams is coming. So, I've to wash the dishes, cook and wash her clothes for her. See, how nice I am. Don't ask me to do that for you Steph. Humph..unless you pay me. I don't know Esther misses me or not. Nobody for her to bully anymore. Nobody to snuggle when she sleeps and nobody to show her mousie face to anymore. Ah well Esther, you have to wait another 2 weeks before you can do that to me again in Miri

ok, so long KL. I will be back in end-of-August to make my visa. Hope can meet up with my friends again. This time I will bring my camera along.

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