Thursday, July 20, 2006

Forwarded mails...urgh...

I hate receiving forwarded messages from people from friendster.

I was opening friendster message one day and was very surprise to see a few of my not-so-close friends messages there. But when I saw the message subject, I didn't even bother to open it coz I know that the message will be

'send this msg to 15 people and your wish will come true' (if it actually came true, I would have been a millionaire by now)

'if you don't send this msg in 5 min, sth bad will happen on you tonight' (thank you very much for the threat, but so far I've not sent any of those forwarded message and I'm still alive and kicking)

'friendster is closing down, send this msg to inform friendster that your account is still valid' ( Lol, I've ignored the msg so many times and nothing has happened to my friendster account)

I'm so sicked of these messages which keep flooding my friendster inbox. It's ok if they post it on the bulletin board coz I won't be reading it. But not in my friendster inbox! It's meant to receive personal message from friends. Not only friendster, yahoo and hotmail too. So sien, opening them and finding them so meaningless. The person who created these messages must be super bored.

But not all forwarded messages are meaningless.

I still welcome jokes, heart-warming stories and interesting facts :)


june kuan said...


totally agree with you on that one

nice getting updates about you from your blog

keep it up!

rabbity said...