Friday, July 14, 2006

Home sweet home?

Life at home is so monotonous.

If I'm not sleeping, then it's cooking, not cooking, then it's playing piano or going online.

24 hours just gone like that.


I'm a bit not used to staying at home actually. Last time when I was in KL, I swim at least 3 times each week to..hehe...cut off fat *whisper* (to say the truth, I actually gained 4 kilos when I was in KL). But now that I'm back in Miri, I feel as if every scoop of rice I eat, I'll gain some more weight coz I don't exercise anymore to burn off fat. *Oh no, when did I become so weight-conscious?*

Sometimes I wonder why do I have to go home actually? I asked one of my friends before what's good about home. Then he said, 'can eat home-cooked food ah'. Haha. (No offense to that friend ya, if you are reading this). Eat home-cooked food...rite *sarcastic*. But the problem is that it's me doing all the cooking now! I've to cook lunch and dinner - all alone. For the whole family. Well, my friend's statement is correct in some way actually...I get to eat food cooked at home! LOL

I know I shouldn't be complaining actually. Dad is busy working, I know. I can't leave my brothers starve for the whole afternoon and night when dad and mum are in office busy working. Now I fully comprehend my dad's feelings for cooking for us all this while. No wonder last time he got quite 'geram' when he saw us watching tv and he busy cooking. I would have lost my head too if I see my brothers playing online games and me busy cooking. But I told myself, 'another 1 month and it's over', hehe...Poor dad. He has to cook alone after I've gone. Nobody to help him. Hope Timothy or Joshua would be thoughtful enough to help daddy lo.

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