Monday, July 24, 2006

I've finally got my camera back! Yay...But Esther forgot to pass me the charger. But never mind, Esther is coming back this Friday, hopefully she will remember to bring back the charger.

My thighs and right arm are quite sore after badminton and climbing Canada Hill yesterday. Climbing Canada Hill was quite fun. I think it really tests your stamina. I only climbed 2 out of 5 hills and I already feel sesak nafas. I wonder those aunties and uncles there managed to finish climbing 5 hills. They must have trained a lot.

Oh yea, I've just received my CRB report! Surprisingly it's quite fast. Took them less than 20 days only!

It's a little crumpled maybe due to the rain:

I pay 90 cents for stamps and RM20 for process fee just for one piece of paper!

mummy said that I've turned dark already. Haha. Maybe because I went hill climbing and swim and also to the beach with Ai Fei and her friends that day. But when I go UK, I will be fair again! Wakakaka

Oh yea...
I saw a jellyfish for the first time.

Pity it's dead.

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