Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm 'forced' to post this blog since Steph asked why I never update my blog (what?! I just updated yesterday!! Hmm...I wonder what's her definition of 'update' to her)

First, let me begin with some oh-so-interesting happenings in my monotonous day today.

The hens have broken the record by laying 9 eggs today!


I nearly risked myself being pecked to death while taking this photo as the ever-hungry chickens were surrounding me thinking that I was carrying food.

A small 'army' of chickens following behind me:

These chickens are damn agressive. As what Jon said, 'instead of you chasing them, it's them chasing you.'

Later, I went to eat dinner at Dynasty with my family. Had to miss my Hong Kong and Taiwan series which were shown at 6 and 7pm respectively :( . Overeating again. Looks like I've to swim extra rounds to shed off those fats.

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