Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This milo jug may look as innocent as it seems:

But at a closer look, I nearly got a shock of my life!

what the...*rub eyes*

I could bet that my heart skipped a beat! It's definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Mind having milo+cicak's pee+maybe a little tahi (ew...)...No way! I rather have milo kosong!

What's is thie fella doing inside the milo jug? The last time was when a cicak fell into pot of soup which was left overnight. Dad said it's a mini crocodile swimming inside the soup.

My heart can't take anymore if there's anymore sudden 'appearances' of these little friends. Last Saturday night, I got another shock when something jumped on my leg in the car. Imagine sitting in the car comfortably when suddenly out-of-nowhere something black and slimey jumped on your thigh. What would you do? Shriek.

But my parents said that I'm overeacting. I didn't know what was it at that time as the car was dark. But I knew it was something that could jump. I told Jon it was a frog. Jon didn't believe. Not until the next day after church we saw a frog body at the back seat of the car. Dead.

So it was really a frog.

Lol. Dunno why I'm so unlucky. Nearly pecked to death by chickens (birds), then nearly scared to death by frog(amphibian) and cicak (reptile). What next? Fish and Mammals??

But anyway, life would be so boring without these little animals adding a little spice on it :)

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