Sunday, July 09, 2006

For the past one week...

It’s been one week since my exams finished. And I feel as if it’s already past one month. Maybe because for the past one week had been really hectic for me, traveling up and down, north and south in Selangor. Finally, today I could really rest for one full day in my room.

Yesterday was by far the most eventful day for me. I woke up early, brought my cousin’s accounts books to college to pass to a junior who wanted to buy them. But, before I left college, the junior messaged me saying that the lecturer wanted the 10th edition accounts books and asked whether I could return. Sigh, I thought I’d at least successfully managed to sell of the acc books but in the end I didn’t. I returned her the money but told her to keep the books. No use keeping those books in my room anyway.

Then I quickly rush to a nearby photo shop to take my passport photo. 6 for RM15. Is it cheap? I don’t know. It took 5 minutes for the whole process, taking photo and processing it. Anyway, I couldn’t care much anymore coz I had to rush to Putrajaya to apply for my letter of conduct.

After that, I went to the wet market to buy some turnips and carrots to make popiah. Haven’t been to market for at least 1.5 months. Even the aunty commented that she hasn’t seen me for so long. And I was unusually quite talkative that day and said that that was my last day doing shopping in the wet market. I told her that I will be going back to S’wak next week. ‘Oh, so you are from S’wak ah?’ the aunty asked. So, the conversation led on until the aunty knew that I’m going to UK. ‘Wah…your father must be a rich man!’ *sweat* My father not rich la…it’s just that my parents have been saving money since they started working to support their children for higher education (proud that I’ve such thoughtful parents *beaming*)

By the time I arrived at Putrajaya, it was 1.30pm. I thought I could finish early but it turned out that I was wrong. I was told to sit on bus 426 and 427 coz the man at the information counter told me that he didn’t know where the ministry of foreign affairs was. Since bus 426 and 427 were under rapidkl so it was sort of free for me to sit coz they were included in my ‘pas harian sepadu’ ( RM7 to use all services provided my rapidkl for one whole day). I later found out that the MFA was at Wisma Putra and I knew a bus called Nadi Putra which actually go to Wisma Putra but I didn’t want to use it since I’ve to pay. So I decided to give Rapidkl. I used bus 426 first, halfway through the journey:

Me: kalau mahu pergi Wisma Putra, bas mana patut saya guna?
426 Conductor: aiya…kamu sudah salah naik…itu bas 427 (very confidently)
Me: yakah? Kenapa tak ada tulis pada kertas ini? (I showed him the bas route for all rapidkl buses)
426 Conductor: memang begitu punya…ada pass by wisma putra.

So at Putrajaya Sentral, the 426 conductor asked me again to use bus 427. I was kinda unsure coz I looked at the bus route and found out that bus 427 travels nowhere near wisma Putra. So before I got on bus 427, I asked the conductor again. And the conductor said yes.I shouldn’t have listened to him but should have trusted my six sense. And it turned out it didn’t go to Wisma Putra at all! Sigh. Instead, it passed by a place called ‘Perdana Putra’ which I think both the conductors thought is the same as Wisma Putra…lol. I wasted about 1.5 hour ‘touring’ around Putrajaya just because I wanted to save money. So by the time I reached Wisma Putra it was 3.30pm. Lucky the office closes at 4 so I was in time.

When I reached KL, it was 5.30pm. Since I’d the pas thingy, I decided to tour around KL using some of the rapidkl buses I always see at KL Sentral. I hopped into the a bus and stopped at some place which I believed is Chow Kit since I saw many hotels there. Then I hopped on one again and reached Titiwangsa. Since I was there, I decided to check out whether the rumour Esther told me was true saying that Kamal Medical bookstore has closed down coz the owner was heavily in debt. And to my shock, it was opened! Business as usual. Lol. If I’d known, I would have brought the booklist Steph gave me and money with me la…so geram. Shouldn’t have believed that stupid rumour.

Boarded the LRT at Titiwangsa station and stopped at Sri Petaling. Esther said the Pasar Malam opens every Tuesday so I decided to go there by bus since I wanted to maximize my use of my RM7 pas. Instead, I waited for 1 hour for the –tut- bus to come but it didn’t turn up. Sigh. %$&*@! *cursing*

Went home pretty angry and jumped into the swimming pool to chill out.

Lesson of the day: never believe rumours until you really see it with your own eyes and always trust your instinct

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