Friday, December 29, 2006


Christmas in UK is very different from Christmas in M'sia. I would say 2006 Christmas is so far the most memorable Christmas I've ever had as I had many first times.

For the first time in my life, I actually received Christmas presents, I don't think I ever received any Christmas presents from my parents even :P...haha. Although I only got about 10 presents but to me it was considered a lot coz never in my life I ever got so many presents.

my Christmas presents are even more than my birthday presents! ( did you realised that the two soft toys are waving at you?)

we exchanged gifts in Edinburgh and the plant decor was used as a makeshift Christmas tree

And also for the very first time in my life, I celebrated Christmas away from home - in Edinburgh, which had the most beautiful night scenery!
panoromic view of Edinburgh city at night

I also played crackers for the first time!
I don't think M'sia sell crackers. To open a cracker, two people have to pull an end each to get out a present

There were people getting a mini deck of card and keychain.

But, I got this instead...

what?! A multicolour comb?! It's not like I'm going to stick the comb on my hair and let everyone see right?

Anyway, Christmas is a time for giving and I'm touched and thankful for all the people who gave me Christmas presents. Thanks everyone soooo much! I will definitely will put all the presents to good use.

But other than receiving presents on Christmas, we must not forget the true meaning of Christmas! It's the day our Lord Saviour is born! We must rejoice and celebrate!

Just to show my appreciation (and for the benefit of my mum who wants to know what I got from who), I've written out the list of people who gave me presents. Once again, thanks everyone!

Stephanie - Ferrero Rocher chocs and 'animal' wallet
Fu Sheng - Disney piglet
Kyle - rabbit soft toy
Serene - revels chocs
Satish and Priya - earrings
Jin Li - basket
Vincent and Lizzie - T-shirt with scriptures on it
Julian - 'Everyday with Jesus' devotional book
Wee Leon - 'Woman After God's Own Heart' book
Jean - pyjamas, socks and body shop shower cream
Man Hon - scarf

and christmas cards from Yvonne, Julee, Julian, Jin Li, Lizzie and Vincent and Fusheng!

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