Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been slacking a lot recently esp when it comes to God...

I feel that my life is running dry and that my passion for God's word is not as strong as last time after encounter weekend.

Lots of temptation and distraction keep coming in when I endeavour to read God's word. I realised that God has not been my top priority but studies. Sometimes I get tempted to go online and chat with friends instead of spending some time reading God's word. Sometimes, I get distracted and annoyed by my roommates talking as I find it hard to concentrate reading...sigh

Lord, I pray that you restore in me the joy of Your salvation Lord. Pray that You make me hungry and thirsty for Your word again O Lord. Pray that You let me experience the living water so that I won't get thirsty again. Forgive me for drifting away from You Lord. Forgive me for not making you the number one priority in my heart Lord. Help me turn my heart back to You and refresh my spirit anew Lord. Amen.

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