Saturday, December 23, 2006

Going off to Edinburgh

will be going off to Edinburgh in 5 hours' time.

Can't wait.

Stephanie was in charge of preparing tomorrow's afternoon lunch and she made 'pau' and sandwiches. TW helped made the char siew pau and it turned out nice. Yummy...

Today went to mandarin outreach at Hyde park methodist church and I've got my christmas present from Lizzie and Vincent! Got a cool T-shirt, wrapped delicately in nice present sweet.

Something unexpected happened today :). I was walking back from my workplace to home with Steph when on the way we met ManHon, my Singaporean classmate. We sort of just exchanged greetings then when he was about to go, he suddenly said, 'Oh wait...'
and he rummaged through his bag and took out a present and gave me! Wahman...I was so surprised! I thought he wouldn't bother to give me a Christmas present...but turned out I was wrong. He said he tried calling me a few times on the phone but couldn't reach me ( I don't bring hp to work. Btw, I've got a white scarf from sweet

Holidays will be ending in 2 weeks' time. So soon. By then I will start getting really busy. Haiz. Sometimes I just hope time will just stop here....

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