Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Neurobiology exam over! Thurs exam to come!

Had my exam this morning. I purposely took a day off so that I could study until late night and wake up early in the morning to continue my studies.

But, I think it must because I slept too late last night until I couldn't even hear my alarm ringing. I even unconsciously got up and switched it off! Terrible. So I slept all the way through until I saw Lynda walking around the room.

I was wondering why Lynda was walking around and not going to work.

Then I took my glasses and look at the clock on the wall.

Nearly got a shock of my life.

it's 10am!

Wahman...I actually planned to wake up at 6am to revise my textbooks instead of my lecture notes. Fortunately I didn't miss my exam which starts at 12pm. Thank God that I've roommates so I could wake up to them moving around the room.

But maybe it's God's plan to give me more rest. Because nothing came out from the textbooks which I wanted to read this morning. The questions came out all from the lecture notes.

The exam was quite easy but it requires really detailed studying. I wonder how am I going to study for my biochem exam which has more 30 lecture notes. This neurobiology exam only has 6 lecture notes and I studied for a few days. So for my biochem exam, I have to study 5 times harder! Dunno how much I will get for this neurobiology exam but I'm hoping to get at least a B. Then at least I get to obtain an overall grade of B.

Thanks for those who prayed for me. Thanks Gab and daddy.

PS: oh yea...I was asked to help out for the Christmas outreach this Friday. Helping out in stewarding and giving instructions for the treasure hunt game. Can't wait! Lyn, Steph, Serene and TW (basically the whole Blandford House gang ) will be involved.

signing off,
SSC to hand-in! HIV presentation! Christmas outreach! Biochem exam! --- all coming this week!

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