Saturday, December 30, 2006

updates on Edinburgh trip!

Back from Edinburgh last Tuesday and didn't have time to write an entry on it

Saturday 23/12/06 - Tuesday 26/12/06

The trip was fun overall. The night scenery in Edinburgh was superb *thumbs up* with a castle overlooking the city.

We stayed in a rented apartment during the whole trip. I wish I live in an apartment like that in Leeds.

the living room

nice and cosy bedroom

Since Edinburgh is a tourist city, there were no doubt many tourist attraction. One of the places which we went to was the childhood museum.

The museum exhibits many games played by children decades ago (even barbie doll is not OLD enough to get into the museum)

the two rivals challenging each other

they even have the oldest version of snakes and ladders!

After that we took a walk down the city

Every alley in Edinburgh is so unique and beautiful.

So nice that even Julian decided to leave his mark in the alley...haha

no la...he was just posing for fun only :P

Then we got stuck in a shop with a very keen shopkeeper trying to sell us his goods.

His talking skills were so good that Jean bought a kilt for herself.

it's a nice kilt actually but it's too expensive :(

The shopkeeper entertained us by playing a bagpipe but as it was just a mini bagpipe, the sound which came out was er...kinda weird

Julian bought himself a sword too which Stephanie found to be of very good use.

hiak hiak...

On christmas day, we went to Loch Lomond which was located in the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The scenery there was simply breathtaking. It was peaceful and quiet. A perfect place to do my quiet time.

poor tree in the middle

But then we somehow ended up on a little piece of rock on the lake.

Stephanie was shaking like mad for fear she would fall into the lake

After that we headed home and had a superb dinner cook by Satish. It was really nice and I like the lamb dish a lot.

all prepared by Satish the wonderful cook

On the 26th, we went to Arther Seed, a hill overlooking the city of Edinburgh.

it was quite a long journey up but it was worth it

we can even see the castle from the top!

group photo taken on top (without Jean)

group photo taken at the base of the hill

We decided to take a visit to the castle after that but realised that it was closed.

Stephanie praying very hard that the castle open miraculously...haha...but too bad it didn't

We left Edinburgh at night at about 8pm after taking dinner at 'Great Wall'. But before we left, we visited the doctors' pub.

4 days 3 nights in Edinburgh just passed so quickly. I wish Leeds was just like Edinburgh, such a nice place to study and live in. I truly miss every moment I was in Edinburgh.

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