Wednesday, December 13, 2006

TW's graduation

Today was TW's graduation.

Since he had no one accompanying him to go to his graduation as his 'parents had abandoned' (direct quote from him) him and everyone else still has classes, Lynda and I attended his graduation instead.

I've uploaded quite a number of pics into blogger...sorry if it takes a long time to download. I've resized all the photos before I upload it.

waiting for the ceremony to start...

In the Great Hall

While waiting, we were entertained by someone playing the organ:


programme book of the day

Finally the ceremony has started!

Vice-Chancellor gave an opening speech

*yawn* fortunately the speech only lasted for 10 minutes

But wait...

did you see that portrait on the left-hand-side of the pic?

Upon closer look *zooms camera*

what?! a semi-nude picture?! *rub eyes*

Can't believe in such an innocent setting there is a 'porno' picture hanging on the wall ( me conservative or what...I dun really bother)

The ceremony ended in one-hour's time (that's fast!) and everyone crowded outside the Great Hall to take pictures

some of the few pics which Lyn took

After that we decided to go to the cementery (?) to take pictures...

Despite the fact that today was TW's important day, he didn't forget to do some silly pose in front of the camera :)

Does this remind you of Star Wars?

with's soo cold!

this photo purposely posted for someone to see coz that someone said never see me post my pic in my blog...hehe

After that we went to Parkinson building to take photos..met Min Jung there.

Since TW has a and Lynda took the opportunity to take photo with a gown on...wakakaka...I've graduated with a masters degree! (after 1 term of studying in University of Leeds....geng ler...)
I've graduated!


gab said...

*fainted*,*foaming*...i have nothing to, nice sceneries and you definitely look different after you go to uk.haha...

Janice said...

haha...nice ler...thanks!

scarlett said...

LOL!! Janice!! Wow, you are now blogging very much like Kenny Sia's style...

The close up on that...ahem art? You guys must have been very bored with the whole ceremony huh? Well, I guess this TW guy has you and Lynda to thank for 'gracing' his ceremony!!

And an old man playing the organ? Man, where are the young talents?. Now Im beggining to feel bored...

About the picture , well, in Europe , there are alot of, lets just say, "Le Art De Nude"...Well, at least their mentality is advanced so they think of it as art...

Definitely not the case here!! the JAKIM will round you up for that!!

Lastly, you look great in the robes. But bear in mind, the robes are meant to be for Masters. You are not even close to completing you Undergraduate!! P

Finally, lets not forget me...I HAVENT even started med school!!!

Janice said...

haha...i learn from Kenny sia one..haha...anyways...glad to have you here to comment in my blog :)