Sunday, December 10, 2006



I'm back after 6 days of MIA-ing...'somebody' has been pestering for updates goes

Christmas outreach (08/12/06):

Happened on Friday in Leeds Chaplaincy. I was in charge of cooking one of the dishes! Hehe...But TW was the one who helped me in seasoning the chicken and preparing the gravy. I only de-bone and fried the chicken. Still got a lot to learn...hope to cook as good as Steph :).

The response for this christmas outreach was not as good as the welcome night. I think it's due to the lack of publicity because if we compare it to welcome night, we distributed flyers 2-3 weeks before the event. Plus I think this time most of the people are in pre-holiday mood and some of them are busy packing to go back to their hometown.

Anyways, I'm glad that the my fellow coursemate managed to come for the Christmas outreach although he has to go London the following day to take a flight back to M'sia. The other one didn't come tho. Was quite disappointed. But one is better than none turn up right?

We played the game dunno-what-is-it-called. But it ran like this: people with the thing mentioned by the gamemaster have to run up to the screen and whoever who reach first is the winner. So we had people with 'who can cook' (Steph ran too slow so she didn't win), 'works part-time', 'have lots of pimples on their face(?!)', 'hv earrings'...coming up.

The food was ok that night. But strange, I had diarrhoea the following morning. Steph got hers on the night itself at 3 sth. We still can't figure out what's the cause of the diarrhoea tho.

Ok. Pictures...

Games time...Chery was the only one who could sing...and she sings quite well too :)

second part of the game after dinner..we were put into groups

TW and Lynda acting

William giving testimony

Stephanie's dinner:

Steph organised her dinner last Saturday and invited her coursemates to come but I didn't take many pics.

Steph with her food (cost was shared out among her coursemates)

just chatting around (everybody look at Steph's expression! quite cute looking..hehe)

we celebrated Sara's and Lynda's birthday. (cake made by Steph, Ryle and Chung Yan...all Steph's coursemates..chocs on the cake sponsored by Lynda :))


gab said...

maybe you simply go and eat sth then end up with ler, din see ur face in the pics also, or u transform into sth else?can't seem to find though...=)

Janice said...

haha...I purposely hide away from the camera...dun want you to see me