Sunday, December 31, 2006

some more Christmas presents!

Today, after waiting for years I've finally got my Christmas present from Lynda!

So surprise to actually got a cute big foot bear from Lynda. I was expecting the keychain actually but din expect a soft's sooo cute...thanks Lynda! Now I've got 3 cute soft toys already...hehe...going to beat Lynda's 4 soft toys soon...hehe

Just got back from Yvonne's house today and we had an exchange present. I've got chocolates! Thorntons nice...

cute big foot bear and the keychain and Thorntons chocs beside it

Saturday, December 30, 2006

updates on Edinburgh trip!

Back from Edinburgh last Tuesday and didn't have time to write an entry on it

Saturday 23/12/06 - Tuesday 26/12/06

The trip was fun overall. The night scenery in Edinburgh was superb *thumbs up* with a castle overlooking the city.

We stayed in a rented apartment during the whole trip. I wish I live in an apartment like that in Leeds.

the living room

nice and cosy bedroom

Since Edinburgh is a tourist city, there were no doubt many tourist attraction. One of the places which we went to was the childhood museum.

The museum exhibits many games played by children decades ago (even barbie doll is not OLD enough to get into the museum)

the two rivals challenging each other

they even have the oldest version of snakes and ladders!

After that we took a walk down the city

Every alley in Edinburgh is so unique and beautiful.

So nice that even Julian decided to leave his mark in the alley...haha

no la...he was just posing for fun only :P

Then we got stuck in a shop with a very keen shopkeeper trying to sell us his goods.

His talking skills were so good that Jean bought a kilt for herself.

it's a nice kilt actually but it's too expensive :(

The shopkeeper entertained us by playing a bagpipe but as it was just a mini bagpipe, the sound which came out was er...kinda weird

Julian bought himself a sword too which Stephanie found to be of very good use.

hiak hiak...

On christmas day, we went to Loch Lomond which was located in the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The scenery there was simply breathtaking. It was peaceful and quiet. A perfect place to do my quiet time.

poor tree in the middle

But then we somehow ended up on a little piece of rock on the lake.

Stephanie was shaking like mad for fear she would fall into the lake

After that we headed home and had a superb dinner cook by Satish. It was really nice and I like the lamb dish a lot.

all prepared by Satish the wonderful cook

On the 26th, we went to Arther Seed, a hill overlooking the city of Edinburgh.

it was quite a long journey up but it was worth it

we can even see the castle from the top!

group photo taken on top (without Jean)

group photo taken at the base of the hill

We decided to take a visit to the castle after that but realised that it was closed.

Stephanie praying very hard that the castle open miraculously...haha...but too bad it didn't

We left Edinburgh at night at about 8pm after taking dinner at 'Great Wall'. But before we left, we visited the doctors' pub.

4 days 3 nights in Edinburgh just passed so quickly. I wish Leeds was just like Edinburgh, such a nice place to study and live in. I truly miss every moment I was in Edinburgh.

something interesting (take 2)

remember the post I wrote about a statue with a 'hat'?

well it was in Leeds...

but in Edinburgh, we also saw the same thing


Friday, December 29, 2006


Christmas in UK is very different from Christmas in M'sia. I would say 2006 Christmas is so far the most memorable Christmas I've ever had as I had many first times.

For the first time in my life, I actually received Christmas presents, I don't think I ever received any Christmas presents from my parents even :P...haha. Although I only got about 10 presents but to me it was considered a lot coz never in my life I ever got so many presents.

my Christmas presents are even more than my birthday presents! ( did you realised that the two soft toys are waving at you?)

we exchanged gifts in Edinburgh and the plant decor was used as a makeshift Christmas tree

And also for the very first time in my life, I celebrated Christmas away from home - in Edinburgh, which had the most beautiful night scenery!
panoromic view of Edinburgh city at night

I also played crackers for the first time!
I don't think M'sia sell crackers. To open a cracker, two people have to pull an end each to get out a present

There were people getting a mini deck of card and keychain.

But, I got this instead...

what?! A multicolour comb?! It's not like I'm going to stick the comb on my hair and let everyone see right?

Anyway, Christmas is a time for giving and I'm touched and thankful for all the people who gave me Christmas presents. Thanks everyone soooo much! I will definitely will put all the presents to good use.

But other than receiving presents on Christmas, we must not forget the true meaning of Christmas! It's the day our Lord Saviour is born! We must rejoice and celebrate!

Just to show my appreciation (and for the benefit of my mum who wants to know what I got from who), I've written out the list of people who gave me presents. Once again, thanks everyone!

Stephanie - Ferrero Rocher chocs and 'animal' wallet
Fu Sheng - Disney piglet
Kyle - rabbit soft toy
Serene - revels chocs
Satish and Priya - earrings
Jin Li - basket
Vincent and Lizzie - T-shirt with scriptures on it
Julian - 'Everyday with Jesus' devotional book
Wee Leon - 'Woman After God's Own Heart' book
Jean - pyjamas, socks and body shop shower cream
Man Hon - scarf

and christmas cards from Yvonne, Julee, Julian, Jin Li, Lizzie and Vincent and Fusheng!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Going off to Edinburgh

will be going off to Edinburgh in 5 hours' time.

Can't wait.

Stephanie was in charge of preparing tomorrow's afternoon lunch and she made 'pau' and sandwiches. TW helped made the char siew pau and it turned out nice. Yummy...

Today went to mandarin outreach at Hyde park methodist church and I've got my christmas present from Lizzie and Vincent! Got a cool T-shirt, wrapped delicately in nice present sweet.

Something unexpected happened today :). I was walking back from my workplace to home with Steph when on the way we met ManHon, my Singaporean classmate. We sort of just exchanged greetings then when he was about to go, he suddenly said, 'Oh wait...'
and he rummaged through his bag and took out a present and gave me! Wahman...I was so surprised! I thought he wouldn't bother to give me a Christmas present...but turned out I was wrong. He said he tried calling me a few times on the phone but couldn't reach me ( I don't bring hp to work. Btw, I've got a white scarf from sweet

Holidays will be ending in 2 weeks' time. So soon. By then I will start getting really busy. Haiz. Sometimes I just hope time will just stop here....

Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been slacking a lot recently esp when it comes to God...

I feel that my life is running dry and that my passion for God's word is not as strong as last time after encounter weekend.

Lots of temptation and distraction keep coming in when I endeavour to read God's word. I realised that God has not been my top priority but studies. Sometimes I get tempted to go online and chat with friends instead of spending some time reading God's word. Sometimes, I get distracted and annoyed by my roommates talking as I find it hard to concentrate reading...sigh

Lord, I pray that you restore in me the joy of Your salvation Lord. Pray that You make me hungry and thirsty for Your word again O Lord. Pray that You let me experience the living water so that I won't get thirsty again. Forgive me for drifting away from You Lord. Forgive me for not making you the number one priority in my heart Lord. Help me turn my heart back to You and refresh my spirit anew Lord. Amen.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to my brother - Jon the horse!

Although it's still the 17th here, in M'sia it's already

Happy birthday to my brother Jonathan! He's 16 years old this year! Big boy liao oo...

To show my 'sisterly' love...I'm kind enough to sacrifice one day of my msn nick to just wish him happy birthday! see I nice or not? :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

TW's graduation

Today was TW's graduation.

Since he had no one accompanying him to go to his graduation as his 'parents had abandoned' (direct quote from him) him and everyone else still has classes, Lynda and I attended his graduation instead.

I've uploaded quite a number of pics into blogger...sorry if it takes a long time to download. I've resized all the photos before I upload it.

waiting for the ceremony to start...

In the Great Hall

While waiting, we were entertained by someone playing the organ:


programme book of the day

Finally the ceremony has started!

Vice-Chancellor gave an opening speech

*yawn* fortunately the speech only lasted for 10 minutes

But wait...

did you see that portrait on the left-hand-side of the pic?

Upon closer look *zooms camera*

what?! a semi-nude picture?! *rub eyes*

Can't believe in such an innocent setting there is a 'porno' picture hanging on the wall ( me conservative or what...I dun really bother)

The ceremony ended in one-hour's time (that's fast!) and everyone crowded outside the Great Hall to take pictures

some of the few pics which Lyn took

After that we decided to go to the cementery (?) to take pictures...

Despite the fact that today was TW's important day, he didn't forget to do some silly pose in front of the camera :)

Does this remind you of Star Wars?

with's soo cold!

this photo purposely posted for someone to see coz that someone said never see me post my pic in my blog...hehe

After that we went to Parkinson building to take photos..met Min Jung there.

Since TW has a and Lynda took the opportunity to take photo with a gown on...wakakaka...I've graduated with a masters degree! (after 1 term of studying in University of Leeds....geng ler...)
I've graduated!

Monday, December 11, 2006

just another day in my life

Somebody has been complaining for updates in my blog and told me to update every one hour?! What?! You think I'm typewriter kah? Haha...anyways...

since I'm on holiday and I'm just too spent some time experimenting with adobe photoshop. Since I suck at writing, I will post pictures instead to illustrate a rather 'small' happening in the master bedroom of 9 Blandford Grove.

Yesterday after we got back from church, we realised the clock has stopped.

So today, as it was too misleading to see the wrong time on the wall, I decided to take the clock down and give it a shake. Who knows I might 'resurrect' the clock?

But, uh-oh...

I must have used too much force until the thumb tack got stuck inside the clock

But fortunately...I had this...

rescue work in progress...

out finally! Lols

Guess what? I did manage to revive the clock and it's now ticking perfectly fine on the wall :)

early christmas present

I've got a rabbit soft toy! cute...

Got the christmas present from Kyle coz he said he might not be in during Christmas. He bought everyone presents too! Bought TW a Star Wars book, Steph chocs, Lynda...dunno yet coz he doesn't know what to buy.

cute bunny sitting on the window sill

signing off,
I love rabbits...hehe...

Sunday, December 10, 2006



I'm back after 6 days of MIA-ing...'somebody' has been pestering for updates goes

Christmas outreach (08/12/06):

Happened on Friday in Leeds Chaplaincy. I was in charge of cooking one of the dishes! Hehe...But TW was the one who helped me in seasoning the chicken and preparing the gravy. I only de-bone and fried the chicken. Still got a lot to learn...hope to cook as good as Steph :).

The response for this christmas outreach was not as good as the welcome night. I think it's due to the lack of publicity because if we compare it to welcome night, we distributed flyers 2-3 weeks before the event. Plus I think this time most of the people are in pre-holiday mood and some of them are busy packing to go back to their hometown.

Anyways, I'm glad that the my fellow coursemate managed to come for the Christmas outreach although he has to go London the following day to take a flight back to M'sia. The other one didn't come tho. Was quite disappointed. But one is better than none turn up right?

We played the game dunno-what-is-it-called. But it ran like this: people with the thing mentioned by the gamemaster have to run up to the screen and whoever who reach first is the winner. So we had people with 'who can cook' (Steph ran too slow so she didn't win), 'works part-time', 'have lots of pimples on their face(?!)', 'hv earrings'...coming up.

The food was ok that night. But strange, I had diarrhoea the following morning. Steph got hers on the night itself at 3 sth. We still can't figure out what's the cause of the diarrhoea tho.

Ok. Pictures...

Games time...Chery was the only one who could sing...and she sings quite well too :)

second part of the game after dinner..we were put into groups

TW and Lynda acting

William giving testimony

Stephanie's dinner:

Steph organised her dinner last Saturday and invited her coursemates to come but I didn't take many pics.

Steph with her food (cost was shared out among her coursemates)

just chatting around (everybody look at Steph's expression! quite cute looking..hehe)

we celebrated Sara's and Lynda's birthday. (cake made by Steph, Ryle and Chung Yan...all Steph's coursemates..chocs on the cake sponsored by Lynda :))