Saturday, June 30, 2007

bye bye

so many things happened this few days.

Some are just too personal to talk about it here

But the most shocking thing was that one of my housemates suddenly announced that he's leaving UK for good to M'sia TOMORROW! He said it was due to studies that he's leaving and seemed reluctant to talk about it.

Although I'm not that close to him but I feel shocked as well as sad that he's leaving...It's just simply too sudden and why didn't he tell us earlier??

Another guy who just arrived at UK yesterday will be taking over his room.

So the whole 18 Blandford Grove 'family' went to Tong Palace to have a farewell dinner for Kit. Serene's mum and sis were here visiting in Leeds too.

take 1: with the 'peace' sign. the guy wearing the black and white stripe shirt is our new housemate

take 2

Suddenly so many people are leaving UK. i'm confused

edited: this is the once-in-a-blue-moon time I eat out on farewells because I know that farewells are expensive and I also choose farewells to go to. I don't go to EVERY farewell dinner. This time is exceptional because my housemate only told us that morning that he's leaving on the next day and we din have time to plan and cook a dinner for him so ended up eating out.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

horror movies

For the past few days I've been watching a few horror movies with Steph & TW.

I used to think that horror movies (as in the ghost ones) are spooky and freaky. So scary until u wouldn't dare to sleep alone at night or even go to the toilet.

But like what Steph said, these kinds of movie are just some form of entertainment and instead of feeling scared when u see a ghost crawling, u will find it ridiculous and hilarious at how absurd it is!

Well, steph, TW and me have found out some common points of scary movies:

1. the spirits are always pretty females - who have even seen an ugly female ghost in the movie? Besides, the prettier the better coz it makes the movie spookier. I'm still yet to come across a male ghost btw

2. All spirits have long hair

3. The spirits are always wearing black or red or white. U dun see them wearing mutli-coloured clothes right?

4. Most of the time the spirits are jealous over some things

So, it's quite easy to become a DIY ghost:


Oops, seems like I need a haircut.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

University of Leeds open day

For the past two days I hv been busy working in the medics information team for the uni's open day.

The uni treated its workers really well.

we were provided with lunch vouchers worth 3.50 quids which was good enough to give us a nice good meal in the newly refurbished refectory.

I have never been to the new refectory before and I'm pretty amazed at how much it has changed. There were more varieties this time with various cuisines and they even had chefs cooking on the spot the food of ur choice.

'It's like a five-star hotel serving five-star food' - my new-found friend Sam told me

We were also given name badges with our name and the course we were studying written on it.

Janice the!

But downside is that the T-shirts we were provided only came in L and XL sizes.
I suddenly looked so thin in the shirt..hehe *beaming*

Overall, the job was pretty relaxing.

this is how it was like when there were few people
we just sat around doing nothing

and when there were many people:
we could simply talk non-stop!

On the first day, I was mostly asked for directions to the conference auditorium where medical talks are being held and I gave them some tour round the rather empty medical school. The medical school is in a pretty unimpressive state now as most of its classrooms are closed as well as its clusters. But many of the students were rather impressed with the medical library.

On the second day, I had more people asking me about the course, whether I liked it or not, tips on writing personal statement, interview questions and work experience (as in hospital attachment).

It was pretty cool talking to them and, seeing their eager eyes, u kinda tend to talk more. But I'm not as good as my fellow team mates who could talk for ages on the medicine course. Ah, I have to develop my elaborating skills.

Towards the end of the day, there weren't any people coming in to ask questions so we either ended up just sitting around, chit-chatting or like what my colleagues did, they threw blue tacs at each other!

'I can't believe we are paid for this!' my colleague said.

yea, I can't believe myself too. If we were to count the hours of those sitting around etc, it would sum up to 2-3 hours, meaning we are being paid 13 pounds for doing nothing! haha.

It was a great working experience actually. I think it has helped me in a way to build up my confidence when talking to the ang mo and also helped enhanced my english accent...and the most ++ part is that I earned about 90 pounds in just two days! hehe

my eyes would go $.$ whenever I hear money.

I definitely will apply for this job next year =)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


At this time of the year, students who have finished their exams are getting ready to balik rumah!

But I'm busy applying for jobs.

Uncountable application forms and CVs have been sent out.

But only one replied.

I even called them to ask but what I got was that they wanted experienced workers.

"I'm sorry but we would prefer students who have experience in customer service and admin. But we will email you the application form if u still want to apply."

I never got the application form.

I guess that's the politest way to turn down an application. Sigh. I wish I had worked in M'sia as an admin or clerk or cashier before. Be it one week or one month. Jz let me have that experience.

So far the one and only job which replied me is a cleaning job (not again!). But it's only a temporary job as I will only work for them for 7-10 days.

I jz came back the induction and they told me that the working hours are 9am-9pm! 12 hours! 5.5 pounds per hour. Like what Lizzie, another person who also went to the induction told me, 'I will drop dead by the 3rd day.' I guess I also will. And to add on, I'm still doing my other cleaning job from 6-8.30am. So meaning, I will be working 15 hours a day??

To think on the optimistic side, I get to lose weight during those intense working days..hehe =)

Another job which I got which is temporary is to work in the information team during the university's open day (which is tmr and Sat). Basically my job is to answer any qn that visitors may have. And being a medic is an advantage because they need medics to answer qn regarding the medicine course and I was the first few medics who applied for this job and got it. Will be working for 7 hours each day, 6.42 pounds per hour.

It will be a very good work experience as it will increase my chances of working on any other university's open day in the future. Thank God for the job!

Hopefully more job opportunities will open up and hopefully I will get a permanent job.

and hopefully it will not be a cleaning job this time.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Britain's got talent

For the past few days I've been watching this reality show - Britain's got talent.

It's something like American's idol except that this time the participants can do any acts they want to show off their talent. It could be singing, dancing, magicking...anything!

The winner of the show would ultimately get to perform in front of the queen (which to me is not much of an incentive to win the competition).

My favourite contestants of all falls to...Paul Potts (pity his name sounds familiar to the notorious Pol Pot)

His singing is superb! I like his voice! I can't imagine that he actually worked as a hp salesman in carphonewarehouse!! He's jz someone doing an ordinary job but with such great talent!

I'm impressed by another person, Bessie Curtons:

I admire the confidence she has to perform in front of so many people at such a young age.

The semifinals just ended today. Can't wait for the finals tomorrow. I wonder who's gonna to win....i personally hope Paul Potts does =)

my bloggie is two years old!

Time flies.

It's already two years since I first started blogging.

I first started with the only intention of recording my hospital attachment so that I could use it as a reference when I go for medical interview.

Somehow I ended up using it to record my feelings and happenings in my life.

But a strings of unfortunate events occur which made me changed my blog a few times and finally in the end, I deleted my first blog with all hospital attachment entries in it.

Looking back at that time, I realised that my blogging style has changed a lot.

From writing personal stuff to more general stuff.

From writing loooong paragraphs with at least 10 lines in it to shorter paragraph.

From lesser pictures to more pictures.

Even my purpose of writing blog has changed over time!

So, happy birthday bloggie!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Happy birthday daddy!

As promised, a birthday gift from me: a post specially written for u =)

My dad is like superman:

original superman pic source

He earns money.

He repairs cars, computers, electrical stuff...

He takes really good pictures, does gardening once in a blue moon and is very tactful in conversation.

He sends us kids to school everyday.

yeah, I guess that's what a typical dad can do.


Whose dad can teach their children basic skills of Microsoft Word, Office, Powerpoint, Adobe?

Whose dad can still cook dinner EVERYDAY after one whole day in the office?

Whose dad can bake cakes and make nutritional drinks? (I still rmbr the drink of 5 greens..haha)

Whose dad can do laundry and housechores?

Whose dad can do all these but never complain?

Well, my dad can.

and that's what make him my superman dad.

Happy birthday daddy!

Half a century old lor...must eat healthily and take good care of ur body!

Since daddy has high cholesterol so cannot eat cake, so here's one virtual birthday cake for daddy!
cake specially made to give a sweet sensation without even eating it =)

PS: din hv the time to make a card for daddy..but this post shud be sufficient! Happy Father's Day too ( tho I dunno when it is)!

also forgive me for my poor photoshopping skills. Din cut and paste daddy's face properly on it